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[info]apts [09 Feb 2037|04:19pm]

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screened. [22 Feb 2035|01:26am]
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Emotional Juggernaut // Private [05 Oct 2034|04:11am]

.narrative [07 Jan 2018|12:58am]


Do you have a breaking point? How much before you reach it? [11 Sep 2017|10:42pm]

You know me? Instantly feel the pain across my heart. The perfect ending turned into a nightmare. The beginning of a moment caused you to mature, will you become different? Aint it true. It's fate, keep calm, think about it. A beautiful lie. Lost people and things. Return on what you paid. Success and defeat. Trust and betrayal. Shh, now we're talkin baby. I don't give a shit. Now we're talking. Man we got fire. Man we got swag. Man I got family, goddamn you just mad. I got all the right people in all the right places and I don't care. No one has the right to change me. Fuck. Instantly feel the pain across my heart.

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